Saturday, 26 November 2016

Understanding Respiration-CLASS: VII, Mrs. Selvi Priya.S, PGT (Bio)

 Lesson 3
    Plan Phase    
                                                                                         CLASS: VII, Mrs. Selvi Priya.S, PGT (Bio)
3.1 Work Breakdown, Products and Milestones:
 List the project task and, if possible at this stage include the sub-tasks. For each task add the product that will be created and indicate it will be a milestone.

3.2 Role definition:
 List the roles team members will fulfill in the project.

3.3 Task schedule:
 Note start and end dates for the project.
 Include expected dates to start specific tasks

3.4 Special Activities Plan:
 List any special activities (e.g. Field trips or guest speakers) including dates.

3.5 Resource Plan:
List resource that will be required during the project and any other date constraints associated with them.

3.6 Direct Instruction:
List any planned direct instruction sessions and link them to specific tasks if appropriate.

3.7 Reviews and checkpoints:
 Describe how you will incorporate review meetings and checkpoints in the project

3.8 Assessment plan:
 Describe the balanced assessment plan for the project. List products that will be assessed during the project. List rubrics that need to be created before project launch.

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