Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Lesson- 7,VII,Science,Topic- Respiration in organisms,Selvi Priya,PGT (Bio)

Project Plan – Lesson 7
The Manage Phase                                         VII,Science

(7.1) Process Management:
 List tasks that will be used to manage the process of conducting the learning

(7.2) Student Preparation:
 Describe how students will be prepared for the project prior to launch. List any specific instruction or tasks that will be needed

(7.3)  Facilitation:
 Describe how facilitation of resources will be used to enable the students to be successful.

(7.4) Progress Monitoring:
 Describe how program will be monitored throughout the project.

Group Progress 

  Individual Progress

 (7.5) Re-planning:
 Describe how ‘re-planning’ will be used if the project goes off track

(7.6) Conflict Management:
 Describe how to address problems related to participation, offer approaches to manage other conflicts that may arise.

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